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Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials

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General Information

CAZEO announces class through the website. We utilize the website's events announcements for the purpose of general interest.  You must do the following in order to be able to sign up for any classes:

1. Most important is to become a paid member.  Our system only allows paid members to sign up for class registration AND it is a requirement for class attendance. 

2.  If you do not maintain your membership you will not receive e-blasts concerning class announcements, meeting announcements, etc- this is a member only service.

3.  All information regarding the minimum requirements for AZT and CZEO certifications can be found here:  EnrollmentCertificationProceduresAZT 03032022.pdf.  CZEO certification requirements can be found here  EnrollmentCertificationProcedures czeo 03032022.pdf:  Generally the requirements are as follows:

  • Active memberships
  • Has completed both Session 1 & Session 2 and passed both tests. 
  • Have a minimum of one year experience in addition to the successful completion of the classes, (You would now be eligible to apply for AZT certification.  Please note this certification does not meet the new P.A. 21-29 requirement but will provide proof you are working through the certification process)  Application Form for AZT
  • Complete case study, submit payment and case study online to the Certification Committee Chairman.  Case studies will be reviewed twice a year by the Certification Committee. Interviews of candidates may be requested by the CC.  If case study is approved you will received your CZEO Certification.  Application can be found here:

4.  CZEO's must maintain yearly membership and acquire necessary Continuing Education Credits. This does not apply to AZT's.

About the CAZEO Institute

CAZEO runs one full certification round of the Institute generally every year.  This consists of Session 1 providing an overview of Zoning Basics and Job related information in the Spring and Session 2 which is more technical and focuses on the legal aspects of zoning in the Fall.

A sample agenda for the two week sessions is shown below. (Please note these classes and instructors are subject to change by the Executive Committee when deemed appropriate and should not be considered the class agenda for your specific class when you sign up)

Each session is a week long Monday-Friday and consists of four full days 8:30-4:30 and a test being proctored on Friday from 10:00-12:00.


Monday:            Local Government, Zoning Enabling Statutes, Ordinances

Tuesday:             AM Session:  Dealing with Difficult People

                               PM Session:  Freedom of Information

Wednesday:      AM Session:   Surveys

                               PM Session:   Map Reading & Site Plan Review

Thursday:           AM Session:   Flood and Coastal Permitting

                               PM Session:   Ethics

Friday:                 TEST


Monday:           Seminar On Legal Remedies In Zoning Enforcement

Tuesday:           Select Issues in Zoning Enforcement

Wednesday:    Legal Remedies in Zoning Enforcement Continued

Thursday:         Zoning Technicalities

Friday:               Test 

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Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials


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