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Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials

Code of Ethics

The purpose of CAZEO is to provide a forum for the exchange of pertinent information concerning zoning and enforcement, to facilitate the solving of municipal zoning problems and to promote and maintain acceptable performance standards by its members. To further the professional conduct of its members, certain ethical practices shall govern the conduct of every member who shall:

1. Strive to maintain at all times a courteous attitude in all relationships with public officials, taxpayers, fellow employees, CAZEO members and the general public.

2. Strive to provide full, clear and accurate information to all interested parties.

3. Respect the rights of others and not discriminate against any person.

4. Continue to improve one's professional ability to understand and interpret laws and regulations in a manner which promotes the respect and confidence of the public.

5. Perform zoning enforcement duties in a manner consistent with statutory requirements of local ordinances without taking an advocacy position for any special interest and without regard to political favoritism.

6. Accept and enforce the legal decisions of any board or commission which has jurisdiction over one's decisions and / or interpretations.

7. Not commit a deliberately wrongful act.

8. Avoid participating in any hearings, decisions or other matters which may be construed to be a conflict of interest.

9. Not solicit or accept any special advantage that is not in the public interest or which may appear to influence a particular decision.

10. Accurately represent professional qualifications, education and affiliations.

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Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials


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