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Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials

Please proceed to the following link to apply for your Certificate for the Administrative Zoning Technician.

You will be need to be prepared to upload the required documents and pay the $100 application fee.  Please do not email with questions.  The system will bring you through the required documentation.  If you do not have it, please collect it and proceed through the process.  You will need:

1.  A letter from your employer, stating your position, duties and length of employment.

2.  Your letters from CAZEO stating you have passed your session 1 and session 2 tests.

3.  Proof from the CAZEO website that you are a current member.  You should have received an email when you paid your membership that you can upload into the system.

Please read the AZT Enrollment Procedures BEFORE applying for Certification.  You must meet all the requirements in order to be considered.  Any incomplete applications or incomplete qualifications will result in a denial. 

EnrollmentCertificationProceduresAZT 03032022.pdf

All payments are non-refundable.

ONLINE APPLICATION LINK (you must be signed in to apply):


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